Katie Lyons, LCSW - Mindfulness Training, Performance Enhancement and Psychotherapy
Mindfulness Training
"Living in the moment .... The Art of Mindfulness"
In this talk I present basic concepts of mindfulness to help individuals apply them to their life, so they can ENJOY LIFE more and MAKE CHANGES.   Mindfulness is a necessary part of change, beginning with acceptance without judgment.   This talk facilitates a discussion with the audience that allows people to share things they want to change in their life....whether it be reducing stress,  improving communication or improving their golf game.
I have taught Mindfullness for over twelve years at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and have given numerous talks.  One of my favorite places to speak is The Heartland Spa in Gilman, IL.  (see blog)
Upcoming Events:   September 28-30, 2011 @ The Heartland Spa   www.heartlandspa.com
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