Katie Lyons, LCSW - Mindfulness Training, Performance Enhancement and Psychotherapy
I received my Masters in Social Work from Loyola University in 1993.  Immediately after graduating, I was hired by Northwestern Memorial
Hospital's (NMH) Stone Institute of Psychiatry.  I worked in Emergency Psychiatry for several years doing crisis therapy and Biopsychosocial Assesments for Hospitalization, Chemical Dependence and Partial Hospitalization  programs.  At the same time, I began a private practice seeing clients and athletes in psychotherapy which I continue to this day.  At present, I continue to work at NMH doing psychotherapy, groups, supervision and teaching.  I have had excellent clinical training over the years in various schools of thought and theory.
As a therapist I believe in the power of change and start by listening to my client articulate their goals, wishes and desires.  If a client is struggling with articulating their goals, I often suggest writing homework to help clients get more clarity.   My strategy depends upon my client's goals and a collaborative approach to the most effective means to get there. Through the therapeutic relationship and client-focused therapy, I have helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals.
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