Katie Lyons, LCSW - Mindfulness Training, Performance Enhancement and Psychotherapy
My husband, Jim and I, heard Katie speak at The Heartland Spa last fall.  By the time she spoke to us about Mindfulness, she had spend twenty-four hours modeling Mindfulness.  She helped us all to be "in the moment"
and taught us skills I am now using in my daily life.  When we go back next time, we hope Katie is there too.
Marjorie Crowe
Katie Lyons is a knowledgeable, charismatic speaker!  Her presentations will be an asset to any organization.
Brian McCaskey
Chicago Bears
Katie Lyons, LCSW is an excellent speaker.  Having attended her Mindfulness Talk, I have learned ways to enjoy life more by being in the moment and being less judgmental of myself and others.  Thank you!”
Tom Doyle
Katie Lyons, LCSW is such a good therapist.  She was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – her insight, care, compassion and nurturing was very helpful to me/
Katie helped me with my performance anxiety on stage.  I am now able to sing before huge audiences without feeling nervous AND I consistently feel great about my performances.
Katie Alvarado
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