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Performance Enhancement

I thoroughly enjoy working with individuals around performance enhancement issues. Whether it be improving their performance at work, sports, acting, public speaking, etc. Depending on my client's goals, we will work together to find the most effective way to achieve them. Identifying obstacles that may get in the way of you achieving your peak performance, we will work together on how you can be your best self. Typically, we focus on improving concentration/focus, while remaining relaxed, centered and confident.

In my CD, "Golf Before and After," side one helps clients to get into their peak performance state. This CD is intended for individuals to listen to on their way to the golf course or driving range. Side one increases clients awareness of their thoughts and helps them to stop negative self-talk and replace them with positive affirmative statements which are goal specific. Side two helps individuals review their performance in a non-judgmental way, to learn from our experiences.

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