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My husband, Jim and I, heard Katie speak at The Heartland Spa last fall. By the time she spoke to us about Mindfulness, she had spend twenty-four hours modeling Mindfulness. She helped us all to be "in the moment"

and taught us skills I am now using in my daily life. When we go back next time, we hope Katie is there too.

Marjorie Crowe

Katie Lyons is a knowledgeable, charismatic speaker! Her presentations will be an asset to any organization.

Brian McCaskey

Chicago Bears

Katie Lyons, LCSW is an excellent speaker. Having attended her Mindfulness Talk, I have learned ways to enjoy life more by being in the moment and being less judgmental of myself and others. Thank you!”

Tom Doyle

Katie Lyons, LCSW is such a good therapist. She was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – her insight, care, compassion and nurturing was very helpful to me.


I friend suggested I try talking to someone, as a nice way to say I needed therapy. I had no idea how helpful it could be. When Katie said early on, "we can all benefit from therapy" it helped me feel less shame about seeing a therapist and allowed me to get help that has made me feel so much more happy in my life.


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