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Meet "Callie"

On August 11, I brought Callie, a 18 month old Lab Mix home. I haven't posted before now because she has been keeping me very busy.

Wright-Way Rescue found Callie (they named her) at Animal Control in Murphysboro, IL in June and she was pregnant. One of their volunteers fostered her, where she gave birth to nine pups and nursed them for six weeks . All her pups were adopted in Murphysboro and Callie was transferred to Wright-Way's location in Niles, IL on Aug 9. As fate would have it, I happened to stop by W-W shortly after she arrived. As I looked at Callie's medical record, I saw they listed her date of birth as Dec. 4 (the same birthday as my dear nephew, Tim, who loved animals and passed away 13 years ago). I knew it was divine order I couldn't take her home that day, but promised myself if she was still there on that Sunday I would adopt her.

I feel so blessed to have Callie, however her chewing has cost me money I had not planned on. Her chew toys haven't been enough to keep her from destroying a few items. I am now using a crate when I am not home. The other day I thought she was chewing her bone, only to discover later it was my Blue tooth. So much for being Miss Mindful ... always room to be more mindful.

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